I am a freelance photographer, filmmaker, and designer in Mankato, Minnesota. I have worked on projects ranging from logo design for small companies to promotional videos for larger clients. My passion lies in visual storytelling which I strive to pour into each one of my skill sets.

Whether its through books, films, taking my dog for a walk, or talking with friends I try to find inspiration everywhere I look.

This blog is my personal way of sharing the knowledge I’ve gathered and the inspiration I’ve found. I believe in the power of community and a collective learning.

Weekly (about 2-3 times a week) I write posts regarding things I’ve learned about photography, filmmaking, and design. Along with these core topics I focus a large amount of time on information regarding organization and the creative field.

I owe most of what I’ve learned to the creative community. Other bloggers and friends have been not only a huge inspiration, but an important source of information.

My goal is to pass along those resources, so be sure to keep an eye on my resource page for additions to my growing lists. If you have any resources you think I should add to the pages email me at benlundsten@gmail.com


For inquiries about photo or film projects or just to say hi you can email me at – benlundsten@gmail.com or follow me on twitter and facebook.


All views and opinions in this blog are solely my own and I am not endorsed by any individual, organization, or company. I make no claims of accuracy, completeness, validity, or sustainability  regarding the information on this blog.


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